• stlhive_00161x_r0stlhive_00161x_r1

    Ruffty-Tuffty Case, Samsung, S7-Galaxy, SM-G930W8<

    Intended for use with the SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 (SM-G930W8 - not the incendiary Note7) for outdoor activities. Product features a thick exterior case that is designed to take serious impact. If broken or damaged another should be printed to ensure continued protection (similar philosophy to a bicycle helmet), The rear of the case is designed to accept a magnet from the Steelie® Mobile Device Mounts (see link below). http://www.leevalley.com/en/garden/page.aspx?p=72086&cat=2,42194,72101 This case was designed to solve three problems;
    1. "Cost"  Typical consumer models are very overpriced. Our case cost 75 cents to print. and 30 cents for the screws (CAD). 65g of Matl. Reqd with supports (Approx.).
    2. "Crash Survival"  Typical consumer models are soft and thin and don't prevent damage to the phone to a great extent.... Ours is a bit better.
    3. "Visibility" Typical phone cases are discreet and slick in appearance (good for looking cool). Try printing your own you can using horrid, bright colours to make it easy to find. Sometimes finding phones is hard in the snow, grass and in dark conditions. The example is printed in white as a compromise between slick and visible.
    4. "Easy to hold" for slippery wet conditions, or for those with small or weak hands (children and people with dexterity problems). this phone is waterproof so slippery conditions are likely if used to its full potential.
    This case is not designed with aesthetics in mind; the case is simply supposed to do a utilitarian job. We printed ours to have maximum texture (printed FAST). See below for more model details about this genuine STLhive.com part.
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  • STLhive_00159_R1STLhive_00159_R10

    Dreadnought, Toy Submarine, Pool & Beach<

    Congrats to the Royal Navy for naming their new Submarines after the Dreadnought. If you don't know why that is cool - google it (Battle of Trafalgar)! This design is intended for pool or beach use, Product features include: 3 part construction of main hull. sized for a Lulzbot Mini-printer. Each end of the hull parts is specially designed to hold onto heated beds but not too much! the parts are easily joined with hot glue. The sub can be printed hollow and gravel or marbles can be added as ballast. Print the hull solid and add buoyancy to achieve the best performance for your kiddies. We printed it hollow and added ballast in the form of beach sand. after it settles it makes good ballast and can be shaken out to make it more buoyant. Gravel works best because it will not escape through the 3mm vent holes. A screw cap makes adding ballast easy and allows for faster drainage. Tie a string through the cap and the hull to keep it from being lost. We suggest printing this from vibrant materials so that it is easier to see in the water. Diving into this thing would hurt - loosing a black sub at the beach would be very easy. The rear fins could hurt little feet if dropped on them - keep this in mind especially when the submarine is full of ballast. See below for more model details about this genuine STLhive.com part.
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  • Stlhive_FPV_00155_R1Stlhive_FPV_00155_Ph4

    Meteor FPV, Quadcopter, M1-250<

    Intended to be a cruiser for hobby enthusiasts who want to fly for practice, or for those who want something different to fly. This product features a durable design. Best printed from PETG or a strong light material. A clean exterior is achieved with internal wiring and battery. Good aerodynamics offset the heavier weight of 3D-printed parts (as opposed to carbon fibre plate construction). Product benefits include crash protected electronics and an original design. This design is very attractive as compared to the popular carbon-sheet designs. Camera angle is adjustable from flat for beginners to +30 degrees for serious racers.
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  • STLhive_00142Xa_R1STLhive_00142Xa_S1

    Trophy, First-Place, Blank Plaque<

    We hope you will use your own modelling skills to modify the blank plaque to suit your needs. Add text and images as you see fit with your preferred 3D software. This Product is ideal for presenting to winning contestants at robotics, RC, FPV or 3D printing competitions. The Trophy can be accessorised with additional items e.g.:
    • Stem mounted Motifs (Screw Mounted)
    • Custom front mounted plaques (Snap-On)
    Note: Actual Prints Shown with Accessories This trophy is big enough to look good on display but not too big for most printers. We designed the trophy to print easily and look classic. Painting the parts before assembly is recommended but not required. This model is sturdy and lightweight. See below for more model details about this genuine STLhive.com part.
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  • 5.00 out of 5

    Cable-CAM Crawler for NXT/EV3<

    A dedicated NXT/EV3 GoPro Cable Crawling Robot. You will need to purchase some cable wheels to complete the design (STLhive parts) - or use the ones you have already. Use big wheels for flat, taught cables and small wheels for slack lines (line must be as taught as possible. Lines may sag if very long). This product in combination with your LEGO Mindstorms NXT/EV3 & GoPro can be used to time lapse or cool school shots for videos and yearbook. This design is held together with No.8 Pan-head screws. The cable should be between 1/8" and 1/4" in diameter for best results. More products will become available to be used with this design as they are requested by customers. See below for more model details about this genuine STLhive.com part.
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  • STLhive_00125Xa__R1STLhive_00125Xa__R2

    Moto-X, Easy-Print, EV3NXT, 15mm x 91mm<

    A Moto-X inspired wheel with narrow aggressive tread for mud and rough soil. We designed this to be a Mars-rover style of wheel modeled on a dirt-bike tire. Some surface conditions are best traversed by a tire with a narrower profile that sinks in deeper touching the ground with more pressure. This wheel is ideal for robots using castor wheels! Intended to be used with Lego Mindstorms and Technics kits, Product features easy print geometry that reduces the need for support material. This benefits the builder by reducing time required removing the support material and producing a smoother/stronger part. Reducing the support material is achieved by printing the finished wheel in two parts to be assembled with No.8 Pan head screws. We have left some of the screw showing to add a bit of style to the part. See below for more model details about this genuine STLhive.com part.
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