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FOUNDED: July 1, 2015  by  S. Anderson

LOCATION: Burlington Ontario Canada

CUSTOMER BASE: International


Our customers are Students, Hobbyists and Inventors.   We believe our customers are the most clever, resourceful and interesting people in the world!   We want to help them by modeling difficult parts and features that are not easy to do without professional 3D modeling software.   We also want to teach our customers how to design their own technically superior models.   We want to form a lasting and meaningful relationship with our customers.

For a reasonable price we give you the best quality products possible.   We strive to ensure our customers are very pleased with the price of our products and are excited by the quality of our models.   We do this by listening to their needs and wishes. models are exclusive and we are adding models frequently.   We are the first to offer our customers model designs at their request.

This industry is changing very fast. We are positioning ourselves to offer products for the near future.   STLhive is the best place to download very high quality 3D models for your 3D printer.   We offer a large range of models ready to print, and many models that are made for you to modify.

We want to offer useful and exciting products for technically minded people like us.   We understand the challenges associated with consumer 3D printing because we have used these machines. 3D printing is an exciting manufacturing method but; it is after-all not without its own problems.   Many of the problems associated with 3D printing are due to the model – not the printer -We figured we could sort that out! Design Philosophy:   Our designers are very technical people and our models are technical as a result.   Engineering technical products is what we do best.   We are interested in form following function.   We believe that design must be intuitive.   Intuition is strongest when products are simple and beautiful.   We ensure customer satisfaction by embracing technical and personal progress……and FUN!



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