Ducted Fan Unit, 3″ (MT1306)

This small Ducted-fan assembly is to be used with the following motor and fan:



This complete design is intended to be used with Hovercraft and Airboats. It is suitable for aircraft use (Multirotor, Airplanes and Blimps) but it is probably a little too heavy. The Fan is designed with strength and efficiency in mind. The duct unit is deigned to snap together to save weight. Ducted fan units can be expensive – this is a great cost saving way to have lots! The main duct component is hollow to allow routing of wires.

See below for more model details about this genuine part.

Product Description

Model type: Multiple part assembly (3-parts)

STLhive 3D printing Product Feature/Benefits:

  • This design gives you two (2) assembly options: Option-A uses a motor cowling that increases the streamlined airflow through the duct for increased performance and aesthetics. This piece snaps in place without heavy screws. Option-B omits the cowling for increased motor cooling at the sacrifice for overall aerodynamic efficiency. omitting the cowling reduces weight and complexity.
  • Print orientation (As shown) is intended to maximise part strength but may require more support material. Reorientation of the part may result in less required support material but may dangerously weaken the part resulting in the part breaking while in use.
  • This is an original STLhive design. It is specifically designed for 3D printing and is not available from anywhere other than

Additional items required:

Additional fabrication required:

  • Typical removal of support material if Reqd.
  • Drill printed holes to full internal diameter if Reqd.

Purchasing / Downloading:

  • You have 24 hours to download your parts after purchase.
  • When you buy this part, you get “.STL” files in a “Zipped” folder (For Windows).


  • STLhive’s recommended printing suggestions are determined based upon the part’s usage. Safety is out main concern.
  • Alternate orientations may provide prints that use less support material but you do so at your own risk. We try whenever possible to orient the grain structure to maximize part strength.
  • This part is intended to be printed using high quality printers; and is modeled with great attention to detail. Printing quality is determined by the printer you are using, your printer set-up and by the type and quality of material used.
  • When printing parts designed for Powder LASER sintering filament based printers (like Makerbot and RepRap) may struggle to provide a part that is easily freed from support material.


  • Don’t copy our stuff please! – We own the intellectual rights to all the content on our website because we created it!
  • We would ask that you don’t share this part with your friends; we have priced it so that it is less painful to purchase our parts than it is to share them.
  • If you are the naughty-type that shares files without permission (no you don’t have permission!) could you please give us a “shout-out” in return? Thanks!
  • Our parts are not to be sold on other websites – please inform us of any such activity!


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