LUNA 1.0, 250 FPV Racer

The LUNA is intended to be flown by entry level FPV racers who like 3D printing, and high school students who want to convince their teacher that FPV racing is educational (IT IS!). This design has more instructions than usual for FPV students and beginners (PDF information package in download).

Product features light weight and fast printing frame (and FREE), Product benefits include easy to mount hardware and low mass (for 3D printed parts), The ESCs are mounted externally and as a result provide good cooling with flexibility of choice. The battery is mounted above the centre of mass for the flying structure which offers a degree of self correcting and choice.

The battery is easily mounted with a Velcro strap. The custom made wiring harness offers a space saving and performance enhancement (you make it). The soldering experience is good for students and newcomers. Some features like the mounting of the VTX and the flight controller are very specific and only work if you use the equipment specified.

We have chosen the purchased components with great care and think we can offer good performance/value We are happy with the design and welcome student/customer alterations. please contact us accordingly. All of the components we use are listed in the information document contained in the download.

Please let us know what you think of this design and help us improve it with customer feedback – without our customers we are nothing! Thank you all for your continued and helpful comments – you: our customers are the BEST!

P.S. thank you to all of our customers who provide us with useful personal information (we don’t share it with anyone). You help us understand how to serve you best and how we can be the best. This design was not intended to be free initially – but you folks are the best – so it’s a present!

See below for more model details about this genuine part.

Product Description

Detailed Product Description

Designed to meet 250 class FPV racing requirements – please contact us if you would like to modify the design (for LUNA 1.1).

STLhive 3D printing Product Feature/Benefits:

  • Print orientation (As shown) is intended to maximise part strength but may require more support material. Reorientation of the part may result in less required support material but may dangerously weaken the part resulting in the part breaking while in use.
  • This is an original STLhive design. It is specifically designed for 3D printing and is not available from anywhere other than

Additional items required:

  • To assemble you will need several screws not included (#6, Pan-Head, 3/4“in Long – or Equivalent).
  • See included BOM for part details – parts with standardised mounting details are interchangeable. Substitute the parts we selected with our preferred parts as applicable.

Additional fabrication required:

  • Typical removal of support material if Reqd.
  • Drill printed holes to full internal diameter if Reqd.

Purchasing / Downloading:

  • You have 24 hours to download your parts after purchase.
  • When you buy this part, you get “.STL” files in a “Zipped” folder (For Windows).


  • STLhive’s recommended printing suggestions are determined based upon the part’s usage. Safety is out main concern.
  • Alternate orientations may provide prints that use less support material but you do so at your own risk. We try whenever possible to orient the grain structure to maximize part strength.
  • This part is intended to be printed using high quality printers; and is modeled with great attention to detail. Printing quality is determined by the printer you are using, your printer set-up and by the type and quality of material used.
  • Filament based printers (like Makerbot and RepRap) may struggle to provide a part that is easily freed from support material.


  • Don’t copy our stuff please! – We own the intellectual rights to all the content on our website because we created it!
  • We would ask that you don’t share this part with your friends; we have priced it so that it is less painful to purchase our parts than it is to share them.
  • If you are the naughty-type that shares files without permission (no you don’t have permission!) could you please give us a “shout-out” in return? Thanks!
  • Our parts are not to be sold on other websites – please inform us of any such activity!

Designers Notes (Reprise):

  1. The Luna was inspired by the Lunar-Lander designs of the 1960s and that is where the name came from.
  2. The Luna is intended to be a good compromise between flying weight, ease of building, ease of operation, speed of printing and cost to print.
  3. The design is intended to break “happily” in the case of a hard landing or crash to minimise component damage. That being said – printed parts are only “so-strong” (not 4mm thick Carbon Fibre plate).
  4. I got really sick of break-out style power distribution boards because they take up too much space (or are the wrong shape in my mind). You will have to solder your own compact wiring harness to distribute power to the VTX via a noise cancelling component, and the ESCs. I have designed it – and will make a 3D printed Jig to assist in holding wires in due course. It will be very compact when finished. you can probably reuse it for other models later.
  5. The landing gear is optional and probably only for the first flights – or for people who don’t care about weight.
  6. Wiring routing should be obvious. the information manual makes a brief note of how to route wires. Make sure all heat-shrink insulation is present.
  7. Components are to be held onto the exterior of the fuselage with nylon zip-ties.
  8. The camera mounts are very lightly constructed to save weigh – they may need replacement after a tumble. We suggest you print extra.
  9. The vertical fin is intended to aid in non-FPV flying by adding a familiar tail appearance to the design (like flying a RC aeroplane). A visual cue helps when flying traditionally (non-FPV). The fin does keep things more Aileron/Elevator at higher speed which is cool (based on other designs).
  10. In all honesty printing drones is as much about design and printing as it is about drones!


5.00 out of 5

1 review for LUNA 1.0, 250 FPV Racer

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Just love this design! Printed in grey PLA and fixed with Silver screws (of the recommended size) and it looks killer.

    When the first part finished printed I was over the moon. Looked amazing. Now it’s finished I just love it.

    I didn’t have the recommended flight controller or receiver so I’ve made a few changes to the sides, lower and upper body.

    Using DJI’s NAZA M V2 and a Turnigy receiver. Also made a change to the ESCs mounts – now on both side up front. A GPS mounted between the rear mounts. (Will make a change to permanently mount it here next).

    Looks amazing and just flys like a champ.

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