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    Ruffty-Tuffty Case, Samsung, S7-Galaxy, SM-G930W8<

    Intended for use with the SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 (SM-G930W8 - not the incendiary Note7) for outdoor activities. Product features a thick exterior case that is designed to take serious impact. If broken or damaged another should be printed to ensure continued protection (similar philosophy to a bicycle helmet), The rear of the case is designed to accept a magnet from the Steelie® Mobile Device Mounts (see link below).,42194,72101 This case was designed to solve three problems;
    1. "Cost"  Typical consumer models are very overpriced. Our case cost 75 cents to print. and 30 cents for the screws (CAD). 65g of Matl. Reqd with supports (Approx.).
    2. "Crash Survival"  Typical consumer models are soft and thin and don't prevent damage to the phone to a great extent.... Ours is a bit better.
    3. "Visibility" Typical phone cases are discreet and slick in appearance (good for looking cool). Try printing your own you can using horrid, bright colours to make it easy to find. Sometimes finding phones is hard in the snow, grass and in dark conditions. The example is printed in white as a compromise between slick and visible.
    4. "Easy to hold" for slippery wet conditions, or for those with small or weak hands (children and people with dexterity problems). this phone is waterproof so slippery conditions are likely if used to its full potential.
    This case is not designed with aesthetics in mind; the case is simply supposed to do a utilitarian job. We printed ours to have maximum texture (printed FAST). See below for more model details about this genuine part.
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