EV3NXT – Monster Track Wheel, & Track, 27.5mm x 79mm

Ruggedly designed. Technics compatible. Designed for toy vehicles and robots. Designed for direct mounting on NXT/EV3 Servos.

Product Description

  • 5mm (wide) x 79mm (diameter). Wide, rugged, one-piece design.
  • Two parts included with download (Wheel and track)
  • Ideal for Technics tank-track use.
  • Includes larger track link with aggressive tread.
  • Designed for direct mounting on NXT/EV3 Servos.
  • This wheel rim is compatible with the popular Technics series of toys and building sets, but can be easily modified for use with other systems.
  • If your printer can only make lower quality parts, you can still enjoy this part but may have to use it with some modification, or use it in an application where precision does not matter so much.
  • The centre of the wheel can be drilled out to fit many robot systems and remote control toys.
  • This part is modeled very precisely, as a result it will only fit Technics parts if the printer used is sufficiently precise and properly set-up.
  • When you buy this part, you get two files (2) that are used as left-hand and right-hand applications.
  • You have 24 hours to download your parts after purchase.


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